How to lose weight in your face and arms

If you are overweight, you will notice that a big problem area for fat is your face and arms. There is no need to exercise the face really, but it is good to know that when you begin to lose weight, it will be noticed in the face first. The biggest thing to work on then is the arms. Once you begin to lose weight here, the rest of the weight you lose will become easier.

So how do you start losing the weight in these areas? The first thing to do is get into the habit of eating a high protein diet. Eating more protein increases your energy and increases muscle growth. You also want to cut out many of the foods that contain high amounts of carbohydrates. You don’t need to cut 100% of the carbs, but simply lower the amount you take in. High protein also helps to give you energy so you can use that energy to work out more. Begin by working on your arms. The extra sag you have in your arms is a result of having more fat than muscle. You need muscle to burn fat, so that is why it is important to work on your arms.

Please note that just because you raise the amount of protein and lower the amount of carbs you take in does not mean you will lose weight automatically. You will notice some weight loss, but you also need to exercise as well. A good cardio workout will help you lose the weight in your face and arms. Don’t overdo it at first. You will need to pace yourself in the beginning or you can injure yourself.

Once you get into an exercise routine, a good cardio exercise should last about thirty minutes three to four days a week. Exercise all parts of your body, but do a lot of arm exercises as well. Lifting weights will help to decrease the fat in your arms. Even if you only use five pound weights to start, it still helps you gain more muscle and lose the flab.

It is important to get into a routine and if that is the hardest thing to do, find someone to help you do it. Make sure you work with someone who is already in shape or already in their routine. Doing this together with someone will be the easiest way to begin losing the extra weight in your face and arms; the rest will come afterward.