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I was inspired to write in My Diet Story blog about the importance of motivation. Unfortunately, I see many people struggle with obesity, that's why I decided to help. So read this post carefully because you will find answers to questions related to motivation, effective diet programs, and answers about all you need to know about successful weight loss. Every weight loss expert, dietitian, and physician will agree that motivation has a crucial role in successful weight loss. Lack of motivation leads to more lack, poor adherence, negative thinking. If you are not persistent with your diet program, even the best diet program won't help you. To succeed, you have to motivate yourself, and you need to strengthen your willpower. You have to change your way of thinking, which will change your mental attitude!

Keep in mind that you have to follow the diet program strictly for it to work. Probably you noticed the fact that you may find a variety of diet plans on the internet, but you won't find effective motivational advice for losing weight. You are not a machine. You are not just a biological being. You are a spiritual and emotional being as much as a biological being. You have your fears, desires, wishes, doubts. My opinion is that many diets are created by people who don't have much hands-on experience in helping people to manage their weight. Therefore, it is a crucial and very serious problem.

Deciding to lose weight, become healthier, change your lifestyle is a big step to take. You have to know that a weight loss diet is a journey, just like everything else in life. First of all, you need to decide to start that journey. As you already know it's wise to be prepared for every journey. It's the same with the weight loss journey. You will encounter some problems during your weight loss journey but you need to learn how to overcome them and move forward. That's why weight loss journey planning and preparation are very important factors for successful weight loss. Also, you have to identify some factors that may increase the chance of successful weight loss. And besides all that, you need to increase willpower and dedicate yourself to the goal.

Support of friends and family.

Your family and friends can have a positive influence on your successful weight loss plan. They can help you to boost your self-confidence and encourage you to stick with your diet and with your commitments. They don't necessarily need to participate in a weight loss program. You need them to support your goals!

Don't forget that some people around you can distract you from your weight loss goals. Unfortunately, people with bad intentions do exist in the world. Some so-called friends don't like to see you succeed because they are jealous. They want you to fail because your success is their failure. But, remember, it is only one more motivating factor for your weight loss success.

So why might your diet fail?

Most of you start dieting with the notion that you will see results instantly. Don't forget that there is no magic pill and magic formula for instant weight loss. Don't expect a miracle overnight. Simply, it isn't possible. It is a wrong and unrealistic expectation.

You start a new weight loss journey with enthusiasm and hope. You see some positive results but your new diet doesn't allow your favorite foods. Because of that, you feel empty and sad. You become tired of watching what you eat every day. Your diet plan lasts a few days then you give up.

What to do?

You have to change your thoughts and give a positive direction to your life. If you change your thoughts, you will change your world. Simply as that. You have to see the bigger picture. Don't decide to lose weight loss only for some special occasion or event. Maybe you will lose weight but it will be only a temporary success. Your goal has to be - to lose weight permanently.

Some people want to lose weight because of the health benefits. Some people want to lose weight because they want to look great. How you feel about your appearance is part of your 'body image'. Self-esteem is very important because feeling good about yourself can affect your mental health and your quality of life. If you are not satisfied with your body, your self-esteem will be low. Self-esteem influences every situation, including those involving career, conformity, attraction, persuasion, and education. Your amount of self-esteem will be increased with the reduced body weight. You will receive many compliments from friends and family and gain high self-confidence. Self-confident people are more successful in all areas of life. According to many researchers, confidence is the key to a successful career.

You have to think this way, for example:

"I want to start my weight loss journey now! Not tomorrow​, but now!"

"Failure is a choice, so is success! There is no alternative to success in my life!"

"I don't need joint pain. I don't need sleep apnea. I don't need my health problems!"

"New diet isn't tasty, but the taste of success is the sweetest!"

"Men/women will finally notice me. My chance to meet the man/woman of my dreams will increase!"

"With my increased self-confidence, I will improve my social life. I will meet new nice people and make new friends!"

"I want to receive compliments from family, friends, and colleagues!"

"Finally, I can experiment with new clothes and styles!"

"I will defeat my enemies with my success!"

The best weight loss programs/diet plans 2021


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Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet claims that you can eat protein and fat food, but you have to avoid foods high in carbs. The Atkins Diet includes a wide variety of foods. You can eat eggs, meats, low-carb, dairy, vegetables, seeds, nuts, fatty fish, seafood... You have to avoid: high-carb vegetables, vegetable oils, sugar, grains, potatoes...

Vegetarian Diet

The Vegetarian Diet. focuses on plants for food, and this diet excludes all animal foods such as dairy products, eggs, meat. But, you have to know that there are several types of vegetarian diets.

The Vegan diet excludes all animal products.

The Lacto vegetarian diet includes plant foods plus dairy products.

The Lacto-ovo vegetarian diet includes eggs and dairy products.

I hope you realized how motivation and positive thinking are important as a part of a successful weight loss strategy. Life is too short to be afraid of failure. Only you are responsible for success. Just do it! Act now! I wish you all the best! Good luck!

If you wish to publish your successful and inspiring diet story, feel free to contact me via mail, I can publish it on My Diet Story blog.

Famous American writer, Louis Sachar said: "I'm not saying it's going to be easy. Nothing in life is easy. But that's no reason to give up. You'll be surprised what you can accomplish if you set your mind to it. After all, you only have one life, so you should try to make the most of it."